All countries around the world are tightening up on their biosecurity. In order to prepare your items for shipping you need to clean all dirt and vegetation off items like garden tools, bikes, golf clubs etc, make sure your vacuum cleaner bag is empty or disposed of and food is not included in the shipment wherever possible.

The quarantine or customs authorities also control the unauthorised shipping of CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) controlled items.  The CITES agreement was ratified between world governments to stop the trade or shipping of endangered animals and plants.  Some of the prohibited items would include products or souvenirs made from a CITES protected species i.e. coral or jewelry made from coral, animal skins, reptile skins, ivory, traditional medicines containing wildlife, items made from turtle etc.  If you are looking at shipping any of these items please contact our office and we will advise the necessary requirements.


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