Insurance is an important part of the removal process and is easy to arrange through Transworld.

Transworld has several policy package options that can be tailor-made to suit your requirements, depending on the contents of your shipment there will be a policy and cover to suit your budget.

Insurance Proposal forms are simple to complete and you must make sure that all goods in your shipment are covered, not just certain items. Not insuring your whole consignment will be considered as under-insuring and any claim would be subject to average with the claim being reduced by the same percentage that the goods were underinsured. If you take out an insurance policy you will be covered from the commencement of the uplift from your property including the packing process through to delivery and unpacking at destination. You are insured for Accidental Physical Loss or Damage (unlesss Packed By Owner items which can be covered for Loss Only).

Our policy can be tailored to suit your personal requirements offering a comprehensive MoveSure policy with the additional options of Electrical, Mechanical & Electronic Failure, Mould & Mildew and Pair & Sets extensions, so you can choose which cover is right for you.

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We offer FREE in transit storage insurance up to 28 days - when shipping internationally if stored with Transworld by simply completing the Insurance Proposal form.

This storage insurance policy can be extended for an additional premium should you wish to store your goods for a longer period before shipping.

Items that we are unable to insure: cash, jewellery, precious stones, coins, stamps, software data, securities.  For all other exclusions see the reverse of the insurance proposal.

Cartons or packages that you pack yourself can only be insured for loss and not damage (see the back of the insurance proposal for further information).  We also require an inventory of contents of all owner packed cartons/packages - this is required for both insurance and customs clearance.