Corporate Sustainability

Mission Statement

Transworld is committed to minimising the effects our operations have on the environment and recognize sustainability as a key driver of our work philosophy. We will continually monitor our impact on society by having the right attitude and understanding that improvement creates continuing progress and we will constantly keep improving ourselves.

Guiding Principals

As a member of FIDI, we are incorporating the FIDI Best Practices and Guidelines “How to Become Environmentally Sustainable in the Moving Business” (January 2022), as part of the global moving network to fundamentally reduce our impact within the transport industry along with continuing our own programme.

FIDI’s definition of an environmentally sustainable mover:

As environmentally sustainable movers we recognise the impact of our activities on our planet, its people and the environment. That is why we choose to make environmental sustainability an integral part of our company's DNA. This means we accept and embrace the principles of environmentally sustainable moving as outlined in the FIDI guidelines. We dare to show leadership by pioneering innovative solutions and business models and seek to enhance our impact through collaboration with our partners, clients and suppliers. Creating an environmentally sustainable business is not about “reaching a destination”. Rather it is a process of continuing progress where we set goals, act accordingly and constantly keep improving ourselves
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