Customs Requirements for Shipping to and from New Zealand

We have current regulations available for every country in the world, if you are unsure about any goods you wish to export, speak to our sales consultants and they will discuss with you any questions you may have.

For Australia, UK, USA you will need to complete the respective customs form before you leave New Zealand.  For other countries, our agents at destination will supply the customs forms on your arrival.  If you intend arriving in the country after your goods,  your sales consultant needs to be advised before the goods are shipped.  In some countries there can be expensive storage charges if you are not in the country and the shipment cannot be customs cleared.

In general, all customs authorities will not allow the free entry of firearms or weapons and you will need a permit. If you have items such as these it is essential your sales consultant is aware of their presence and we will make sure you are properly informed of the importation process.

Alcohol is usually dutiable in most counties and is prohibited in some Middle Eastern counties.

All cultures are different around the world but most customs authorities prohibit the entry of objectionable (indecent) recorded material which is likely to cause offence to a reasonable adult.

All counties prohibit the entry of controlled drugs of any kind, including but not limited to LSD, heroin, cocaine, cannabis, cannabis/drug paraphernalia (whether used or not), ecstasy, steroids, DHEA or performance enhancing drugs.

Prescription medicines are also restricted and you will need to provide evidence they were prescribed to you by a medical practitioner and be in their original container.  If you do not need the medicines, dispose of them safely rather than having them shipped.

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